Photoshop Extension Writes CSS

CSSTurbo is an Adobe Photoshop extension that generates CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) code that's automatically copied to the clipboard to be pasted at code level in a Web editor. The extension panel is accessed by choosing Window>Extensions>CSSTurbo – Copy Text CSS. Once the panel is open, select the text layer and set the text styles in the panel. Next, click the Copy Text CSS button, switch to your Web editor, and paste the CSS code into styles code.

When testing the extension, I used Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver CS5. The extension installed flawlessly and performed exactly as advertised. The only glitch I encountered was when I highlighted the text and launched the extension. The extension panel opened displaying the message "Initializing," and Photoshop froze. In all fairness, the instructions do say to select the text layer and not the text.

I was particularly interested to see what would happen if I chose a nonstandard font that wouldn't be available on most viewers' systems. CSSTurbo generated the following warning: "Selected font not web safe. See" It was nice to see a warning and a link to more information. The user manual is a simple-to-read Google docs file.

I found that CSSTurbo performed well. I particularly like having the ability to set leading of my text in Photoshop and then having the CSS code generated for my style sheet in Dreamweaver. Developers who manually code using a text editor might also find this extension useful, as the code can be pasted into a text editor. The minimum requirements for CSSTurbo are Photoshop CS5 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Windows XP.

Company: CSSTurbo
Price: $29.99
Rating: 4
Hot:  Easy to use
Not:  Can freeze Photoshop