Carry Speed FS-PRO Camera Sling Strap

Combining the Best Ideas in One Strap

Carry Speed's FS-PRO Camera Sling Strap comes in a blunt cardboard box, inside of which is a complete strap system containing a shoulder pad (the largest and widest I've ever seen); the strap itself with a heavy-duty metal connector; an extra wrist strap; a special shorter strap with 1/4″ screw for attaching to a telephoto lens; and a camera plate.

The system is comfortable, as the huge shoulder pad ensures a good distribution of weight. It looks secure enough for really heavy equipment, and the cinch system works great.

The plate is Arca-Swiss style with a swivel element onto which a ball connects the strap's connector. The idea is to swivel the ball out of the way when using a tripod. Great idea, but the swivel mechanism bumps into the finger dents of some cameras' vertical grip, which prevents swiveling all the way into the horizontal position. That makes mounting on a tripod difficult, if not impossible.

The coupling system is a threaded cylinder that's open on one side. You slide the ball into the open half and then a full cylinder is screwed over. To secure the closing cylinder into place, there's a rubber O-ring that you need to push into place with your fingers. Well, I just don't see myself securing the small rubber O-ring if I have gloves on. Also, I have reservations about security, as a rubber ring can give way after prolonged use. A military-grade system, such as the one Luma Labs once had in its Luma Loop, would have been better.

Company: Carry Speed
Price: $79.99
Rating: 3.5
Hot:  Complete system; inexpensive; comfortable
Not:  Camera plate not fully functioning with vertical grip