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Creating Vectors with the new Image Trace Feature in Adobe Illustrator CS6

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Jeff shows you how to turn pixels into vector with the new Image Trace feature in Illustrator CS6.


  • Tom Bittel says:

    Thank you very much for the tutorial on Adobe Illustrator, Image Trace. I am taking a course in Adobe Illustrator, online with a local community college, and we are using Peachpit Classroom In a Book. Yesterday, I had a project due to create a self portrait, and wanted to use image trace, with a color photo of myself. I am struggling with this for a few reasons. In tutorials I have found for Image Trace, a simple line art example is used. When I would try it with a color photo, I would simple get an unusable black and white, or a trace with so many points I did not know what to do. For me there is not enough information in the book (chapters thus far) to adequately teach how to use this. I am taking online instruction, so it I am pretty much on my own. I can think of better ways to design this course to make it more distant learning friendly. I wish I would have found this tutorial a few days ago. Your few minute instruction seems so helpful, and I will test this once I drop my grandkids off at school. Thanks for making the tutorial clear and concise, not overly complex, nor absent of essential information to get a good start using Image Trace.

    I want to thank you again, and will absolutely be returning to the Layers Magazine Website, and all the links I can find, taught by Jeff Witchel. Very nice Job, and one more time, Thank you for taking some of the mystery out of this technique. I look forward to seeing more Jeff.

    Best Regards,

    Tom Bittel

  • photoshop says:

    thank you ……..