Creating Beautiful Soft-Light With One Modifier and Joel Grimes

While cruising the internet I ran into this interesting post by Arthur Ward over at Fstoppers about F.J. Westcott’s new video “How to Create Soft Cross-Light for Portraits with Joel Grimes“. 

Arthur mentions a great (free) takeaway from the video “to use the environment to your advantage (the wall in this case). Great images can easily be created even with the limited gear that you may have.”

Check out the video here:

In this video commercial advertising photographer, artist, teacher and KelbyOne Instructor Joel Grimes basically described a quick simple method on how to get a consistent portrait using the versatile Westcott 7′ Parabolic Umbrella (with additional front diffusion cover). Personally… I regularly use both the bounce and shoot-through parabolic umbrellas for various subjects and instances. It is my go-to modifier for a massive soft spread of light, my recent favorite use has been as a key light in studio. 

Now… If you don’t know Joel, do yourself a favor and check out his captivating portraiture in his portfolio. As an “Illusionist“, not only has he continually raised the bar in portrait photography and graphic design over the past 26 years, he also is an excellent instructor! You can always find Joel running workshops across the nation, teaching at major conferences like Photoshop World, doing commercial work out of his studio in Los Angeles, and spending time with his family in Phoenix. 

As it so happens, Joel is our first special guest on The Grid for 2015! Join us on Wednesday January 7, 2015 at 4pm (eastern) over at KelbyTV. You can also follow Joel on twitter and facebook