Canto releases Cumulus Video Suite

San Francisco, Austin. Canto, a global leader in Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions, today announced at AMIA* 2005 the worldwide availability of Cumulus Video Suite, an Option for the Cumulus Enterprise product line to efficiently manage videos assets. The Cumulus Video Suite enables Cumulus Enterprise to manage video files as well as individual shots of a video. Due to an award winning shot boundary detection technology Video Suite can automatically create records, previews and thumbnails for each shot in the video, which then can be annotated with additional metadata. Cumulus Video Suite also supports streaming for viewing video files and individual shots over the Internet. Users can preview videos and shots directly in Cumulus and also edit and view the metadata of each shot. This substantially simplifies the searching and accessing of specific parts of a video. In combination with a streaming server Cumulus Video Suite enables instant play of videos and shots and the delivery of live broadcasts and multicasts. "Cumulus Video Suite caters the needs of our corporate customers who are increasingly using video for training, sales and marketing information and promotional material. The storage, production and distribution of their video assets are pressing concerns," said Ulrich Knocke, Canto’s VP Product Development. "The introduction of Cumulus Video Suite will ensure an effective means of managing their video material and decrease both turnaround time as well as operational and courier costs." * AMIA is the annual conference of the Association of Moving Image Archivists in Austin Texas Availability Cumulus Video Suite is available from Canto Sales at and Canto Certified System Integrators (CCSI). For more information on all Canto products and services and to download demo versions go to: About Canto Founded in 1990, Canto is the leading supplier of Digital Asset Management products and services with more than 12,500 client/server systems installed worldwide. Canto’s business focus is to deliver world-class solutions at a very competitive price to the creative arts, publishing, corporate communications and other industries. The company’s product line Cumulus is designed to manage and archive all types of digital assets used in production, publishing, communication, and other workflows, offering cross-platform and Internet applications that scale completely from easy to install and low-cost archiving solutions to globally hosted DAM systems.