Camtrol Prime 22 Camera Rig

Camera DSLR Stabilizing Rig

The Camtrol Prime 22 is an inexpensive video or DSLR camera-stabilizing rig for equipment with a maximum load of 7 lbs. I tested it with a DSLR and a small consumer camcorder with an Atomos Ninja 2 video recorder/monitor mounted next to it.

The Prime 22 is an all-aluminum platform with a three-part articulating arm. It comes with one 1/4″ mounting screw. The platform has four retractable legs and clever labyrinth-like channels through which the tripod mount screw can freely move.

The articulating arm has ball joints to lock the position of the segments in place. The upper-arm segment is a comfortable joystick look-alike.

The Prime system is designed to stabilize without the need for counterweights. When I mounted the Ninja 2, the weight distribution and limitations of movement of the Prime's lower-arm segment made carrying the unit awkward; however, experimenting with different positions and locations did the trick.

Once you find the right location for your equipment so you can get a good weight distribution, the Prime 22 is an absolute charm to use. You can hold it in low positions, as well as above your head, but then the weight distribution factor kicks in again, so you may need to reposition.

You can also use the rig as a shoulder mount, to a certain degree. You can even attach the whole thing to a quick-release plate. After doing this review, I learned that the company sells a special arm for recorder/monitors like the Ninja. This might be considered a necessary option.

Company: Camtrol
Price: $399
Rating: 4
Hot:  Stabilizing works great; fits your hand perfectly
Not:  May require repositioning of recorder/monitor