Produced by KelbyOne

Bridal Shoot Using Soft Boxes

Photographer Jean-Francois O’Kane shoots a bridal portrait utilizing soft boxes.


  • bad ratio says:

    Egg face? LOL

  • Gerry Enea says:

    Why does the video tutorial say “this video requires Adobe Flash Player” I have the latest version on my machine, yet I cannot play video content. Anybody else experiencing this issue?

  • Ronda says:

    Ive been getting that message when using Explorer for 3 weeks and today it decides to work (I have the latest version also)I always switch over and use Firefox when I have flash player issues so you might want to try that

  • George says:

    Thank you for the GREAT tutorials.

  • Jeff says:

    I wish when I shot weddings I could get time to do things like this. My weddings are run and gun events. Most brides want to maximize their dollars so they don’t want to add on items like this.

  • Nick says:

    In this video you don’t tell the viewers the amount of power you used for each light source. You also didn’t state why your using a lens hood. And lastly if its’ a bridal shoot then where the heck is the groom?