Monitor Calibration and Profiling Software

As the makers of the $900 DISCUS measurement instrument, basICColor's display product has always been a standard for accuracy, but the interface was old-fashioned and little automation was offered. That made for a more complicated application than what the competition offered. The new display 5 (now v5.0.3) is now more in tune with what other color-management software looks like. It's also user-friendly, with more presets to choose from, and one-click calibration is supported.

display 5 supports an impressive array of measurement instruments, including the highly accurate and professional basICColor DISCUS, the NEC SpectraSensor Pro, X-Rite's i1 Display Pro, basICColor SQUID 3, GL optic mini-spectrometer, Konica Minolta FD-7/5, and Datacolor's Spyder4 range of products. I tested the software with an i1 Display Pro and a Spyder4Elite, and both calibrated my iMac 27″ screen to within a delta E of 0.11.

I went the expert path and tampered with the settings myself, but I also let basICColor display calibrate my screen automatically. That worked like a charm, and it was extremely fast—much faster than with X-Rite's i1 Profiler. display 5.0.3 also supports automatic hardware calibration for NEC SpectraView monitors, EIZO ColorGraphic monitors, and Quato Intelli Proof monitors.

basICColor display 5.0.3 automatically validates your measurement results for accuracy, and it can measure ambient light, as well. It has individual presets for indoor and outdoor photography, prepress, and softproofing. The latter is particularly indispensable for commercial photographers who have their images printed as part of a publication.

Company:  basICColor GmbH
Price: €100
Rating: 5
Hot:  Extremely accurate; number of supported instruments; automation