I freelance for a large corporation that is very particular about how its logo is used. The logo must be centered under the copy with space above it that is equal to the height of the logo. The logo is provided in Illustrator in the AI native format. After drawing a Rectangle Frame, making sure to snap it to my margins, I drag on an additional Ruler Guide and line it up with the baseline of my last line of text. I then Place the logo in the Frame (File > Place) and Center it perfectly in the Frame (Object > Fitting > Center Content). So far, so good, but how do I center the logo exactly, leaving “the height of logo” as the space above it?

Easy! Because it’s an Illustrator logo, when you select the art with the Direct Selection, the Bounding Box around it is lined up with the edge of the vector art on all four sides. So to position the logo “the height of the logo” away from the last line of type, first drag a Ruler Guide to either the left or right side of the logo, snapping it to the art’s Bounding Box. Then drag the art up toward the type above, snapping it to the Guides at the side of the logo and at the Baseline of the last line of text. Then drag on a new Ruler Guide, snapping it to the Bounding Box at the bottom of the logo (which is exactly the height of the logo away from the type). To finish up, drag the logo back down, snapping the top of the logo to the new “bottom” Guide and the side of the logo to the side Guide. Perfect!

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.