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Check out these Apps for Photographers and let us know which ones you are using. Got any favorites you want to see shared? Let us know!

BAMBOO PAPER – NOTEBOOKApps for Photographers

Bamboo Paper is a notebook app designed to give you the most realistic inking experience on your iPad or iPad mini. Sketch or write in an authentic paper-like digital notebook. Be in control with responsive inking that follows the movement of your hand; add photos onto the page and write or sketch on top; build a library of notebooks; and share pages.



Apps for Photographers Elinchrom Remote Application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This application requires the EL-Skyport RX WiFi module and Elinchrom RX flash units. It can be used in DEMO mode, so you can learn about the control features in case you don’t own an Elinchrom product yet.


Apps for Photographers Now you can rent photography and video equipment from from the convenience of your iPhone. Features include renting Canon, Nikon, Sony, Kessler, Zeiss, and more; shipping via UPS; overnight service available; cameras and lenses ship in Pelican cases; save your favorite gear; see past rentals; set up shipping locations; and more.


Apps for PhotographersManage your entire Squarespace site seamlessly with the spacious, new Squarespace iPad application. You can post and edit blog entries; save drafts; preview updates; manage comments; and access your site’s statistics on the fly, even between multiple accounts. All the best features of Squarespace are now accessible right on your iPad.


  • Brian Palmer says:

    Too bad all these apps are all the pad. There is another platform or two out there. I use an Android tablet as do many others.
    The photographer’s Ephemeris comes to mind but I also have an excellent camera tethering and control app. Sorry it is only for Canon and Android users but it allows the user to control almost all functions including focus adjustments. It can be used as an intervalometer and can increment the focus for focus stacking. Using it with a tablet gives a nice large display of your image. I also use Google Earth and Google Maps to plan my landscapes before I even go out the door and the GPS in the tablet helps me navigate to the location. Tablets and smart phones have many apps that are useful to photographers. Not all of them are directed at photography but they can still be very useful.

    • Dan Fleury says:

      Also android tablet and phone user here. Brian you mention using a camera control app, but you don’t name it. What is this a called? I would be interested in it. Thanks