Apps for Photographers

Today we have four apps for photographers that we are enjoying. Have you seen these yet? Check them out and let us know how they rate in your workflow.

apps for photographers


Photo Transfer WiFi app is a straightforward and effortless way to transfer your photos and videos between iPhones, iPads, and computers. You can browse photos and videos shared on iDevices from any Mac or PC, preview shared photos and videos in any browser, and use any browser to download shared photos and videos from iDevices.



Mosaic automatically mirrors your Lightroom catalog so you can privately view your photos on all of your iOS devices. Images are hosted by Mosaic, so they don’t take up space on your devices. Features include search and sort capabilities; download to your Camera Roll to share on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.; password protection; and support for multiple catalogs.

apps for photographersSCOTT KELBY’S LIGHTING RECIPES

Follow Scott through his portfolio as he discusses more than 20 different shots in 13 lessons. Scott demonstrates the lighting setups he used, lighting diagrams, gear guides for each shot, and more.

apps for photographersDOUBLESHOT PHOTO

Doubleshot Photo lets you combine pictures in innovative ways, and even take two pictures at once with a dual-camera equipped device. Picture-in-picture allows you to combine a wide shot and a details shot, or a close-up and action shots. Other features include Golden Ratio; a Double Shutter that lets you capture the same moment from both cameras on your device; and more.


These are some of our current favorite apps. Which ones do you find yourself tapping each day? Share your current favorite app in the comments or tell us if these apps work for you!