Apago Introduces PDF Constructor at Xplor 2006

Innovative New Software Simplifies the Creation of High-Quality PDF Documents Using XML Technologies Apago Inc., a leading developer of software solutions for the graphic arts and document management industries, today announces PDF Constructor, an elegant document creation solution that allows users to create high-quality PDF files from XML without the complexity and high costs of competitive products. PDF Constructor was designed for companies and organizations that need to produce dynamic personalized documents for Web or print, including letters, forms, statements, brochures, catalogs, business cards, and stationery. Apago will be demonstrating PDF Constructor at the Xplor Exposition in Miami Beach Convention Center, February 3-5, in booth #1793. "We are pleased to introduce PDF Constructor, which marks Apago’s entry into the rapidly growing variable data publishing market," says Dwight Kelly, founder and CEO of Apago Inc. "Whether customers are creating new documents or repurposing existing ones, our solution dynamically generates personalized PDF files for both Web and print from industry-standard XML files." PDF Constructor–which uses industry-standard technologies such as XML, SVG, and CSS–allows users to combine text, vector art, images, and PDF pages together into a single PDF document. Customers can create PDFs for both printing and interactive use, including elements such as form fields, bookmarks, hyperlinks and metadata. Variable data publishers can use PDF Constructor to combine a design template with data to dynamically generate documents. PDF Constructor also enables the modification of existing PDF documents by adding text, lines, and images as well as the addition of bookmarks, hyperlinks, metadata, form fields, and JavaScript. This new tool has already been adopted by several companies including Time Inc. (NYSE: TWX) to create electronic magazines, and a large specialized printing company, which uses the software in its Internet-based printing service. Companies choose PDF Constructor because it enables them to build dynamic documents using an easy-to-understand XML syntax. This software differs from solutions based on XSL-FO or PDF programming libraries, which can require highly-skilled software engineers for implementation. In addition, PDF Constructor generates the highest-quality PDFs for both Web and print purposes. Other solutions address only a single output type: XSL-FO was designed to create only Web pages in black and white or RGB, whereas PDF Constructor fully supports CMYK, spot colors, and overprinting. PDF libraries require specialized programming or scripting and an in-depth understanding of both PDF and publishing technology versus the XML approach of PDF Constructor, which provides the tools users need in a way that they can easily understand and can master quickly. Features of PDF Constructor include: — Based on industry standards, including XML, PDF, and SVG. — Elements can be PDF pages, raster images in TIFF or JPEG formats, "rich" styled text, and SVG vector graphics. — The ability to add interactive elements, including bookmarks, hyperlinks, annotations, form fields, actions, and JavaScript. — A rich set of tools for modifying existing documents. — Support for modern PDF technologies, including transparency and layers. — The ability to generate high-quality, prepress-ready, color-managed PDF output. — A declarative architecture that is not tied to a particular programming language. PDF Constructor is currently shipping to select customers. Pricing starts at $2,999. For additional information, contact Apago at 770-619-1884. About Apago Inc. Founded in 1991, Apago Inc. ( is a privately held corporation that develops and markets software for the graphic arts and document management industries. The company recently partnered with Gradual Software to offer integrated support for Apago’s PDF Enhancer 3.1 in Gradual Software’s flagship product, CaslonFlow 5.5. Apago also licenses its technologies to industry leaders, including Agfa, Dupont, Enovation (Fuji), OneVision, Pindar, and Dainippon Screen, and counts Time Inc., R.R. Donnelley, Scene7, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, New York Times, and The New Yorker among its retail customers. Apago is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, just north of Atlanta.