Clear Your Table of Extra Cells

One of my advertising clients supplies price listings of sale items in an Excel file which I Place as a Table in my InDesign layout. It’s almost inevitable that the Table will have an extra Column or two as well as some extra Rows at the end. So before I start formatting, I make a clean sweep of the extra unneeded Cells.

With the Type tool active, move your mouse up toward the top of the first empty Cell at the top of the first empty Column until you get a heavy down arrow. Then click-and-drag to the right to select all of the empty Columns. To delete them, go to Table>Delete>Column. Next, select any extra Rows at the bottom of the Table by moving your cursor to the first empty Cell on the left of the first empty Row of the Table until you get a heavy arrow pointing into the Row. Click-and-drag down the empty Table Rows all the way to the bottom of the Table. To delete the Rows, go to Table>Delete>Row. After this quick Cell cleanup, you’re ready to format.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe Training Provider.