6 Wedding Tips from Top Photographers

At KelbyOne we have some of the most sought after professional Wedding Photographers as instructors and mentors. Each instructor has his own take on shooting weddings and the wedding experience. We’ve compiled a list of 6 wedding tips from our top photographers that are timeless and useful. Wether you shoot professionally or take some wedding candids, these tips will help you become a better photographer.

1. Avoid Being Formula Driven – Cliff Mautner

Avoid having a ‘formula’ or set-in-stone ‘plan’. If you do have a formula, this week’s wedding will look like next week’s wedding, will look like next month’s wedding. “Follow the light and capture decisive moments.”
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2. Mirroring Can Be Your Best Friend When Posing – Jerry Ghionis

When posing, verbal communication can be confusing and drawn out. Ask you bride to mirror you and get the post in less time, with less confusion and less aggravation for everyone.
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3. Build Your Photograph – David Ziser

Experiment with light, position and lenses to improve your shots considerably. Start with a good location without dappled light. Work with the natural light and augment with off camera flash. Background not working? Switch to a longer lens and wider f-stop. Don’t settle, build or “work” the photograph for best results.
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4. Capture The Details – Frank Salas

Portraits and key moments are important images to capture. Equally important are the detail shots. The bride and her family have spent a lot of time, money and effort to make everything just right. Capturing these details such as rings, bouquets, shoes, dress, etc. After getting the portraits and family shots, the detail shots allow you to get creative and showcase the beauty of the event.
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5. Back Up Your Photos Onsite – Scott Kelby

A wedding happens once. You don’t get a redo, so make sure that backing up your photos on location is part of your workflow. When you fill up a memory card and pop in a new one, the next thing you should be doing is backing up that full card to to a hard drive. Without a backup, you are placing a lot of faith in those postage stamp size memory cards.
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6. It’s More Than Just Pictures, It’s About The Experience – Justin Wojtczak

At the end of the day, it’s more than just taking pictures, it’s about the experience and level of service that you provide the bride and groom and their guests and families. It’s sitting down and getting to know their story, making them feel confident so they let you loose as a creative professional to do what it is you do and their big day.
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