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3D Graph Effects

In this tutorial, Corey demonstrates how easy it is to create 3D graphs using Illustrator.


  • Ruediger Fischer says:

    Great tutorial, it’s very easy and so much helpful

  • brace says:

    my english is not so good . so i have a question now . how to drag the box to another place and still keep the original box there ?
    and also how to make many green boxes there . i tried buy i still dont know jow to do that .
    thank you so much

  • Celeste says:

    You ROCK Cory…nice tut.

  • Kwasi Amankwah says:

    Great tutorial. I learned something new.

  • Gen Yee says:

    Great tutorial… only one problem, at the end, when i place an gradient layer (overlay mode) on top the solid background, i didn’t get the same effect, only a sold color.

  • Ben Wasilewski says:

    Fantastic tutorial, thanks Corey. Too bad this wasn’t here last week when I needed to do the exact same thing.

  • Bill says:

    Nice, but what if you need the graph to reflect actual data?

  • Avir says:

    Its great!!

  • bk says:

    Just graph your data in excel and copy paste into Illustrator. You can then trace graph into objects.

  • bk says:

    Oh yeah you can also use the graph tool in Illustrator and put your data in there.

  • Dunya says:

    Brace, you can drag a box simply select the rectangle tool and draw , inorder to keep it back right click — arrange — send it back . about many boxes this is the blend tool , double click on the blend tool from the tool bar or you can go from object– blend — blend options and then specify the steps and then select both the small and the larg box and go again to object — blend – make and there you go you will get a nice blended boxes 😀 hope it will help you

  • hitesh says:


  • Cindi says:

    Loved the tutorial, only like Gee Yee, at the end when I put the gradient box to overlay mode I didn’t get the same effect as the tutorial, I got a solid box. Can anyone help!

  • Jeff Langell says:

    Great tutorial. Helped with a class I am taking now on design. Thanks.

  • Sapper says:

    Great one.
    Does anybody have a trick how to create a nice 3D arrow over/next to the graph?

  • Feri Nicdao says:

    nice one! great!! gradient only take effect by using RGB!!


  • Patricia McDaniel says:

    I’m trying to find a tutorial on how to create 3d gel like graphs.
    Like the ones at

  • Mondo Planet says:

    Nice overlay shortcut for the appearance, but to bring out that blue gradient in the background, it won’t work in CMYK mode which is really an important thing to know. I will definitely skip that overlay step if I’m illustrating in CMYK. To create those bars from large to small, he used a shortcut found in the object menu under blend called “Make.” Make sure you have the bars selected to make it blend of course. If I’m creating hundreds of graphs, WARNING – don’t do these manually like he did in the demo. Clients change these graphs like crazy unless you have tons of production help.

  • Adobefreak says:

    I couldnt get the graigent overlay to work, it worked in multiply but not overlay. Must be in CKMY mode. I used the web color for the swatches, No big deal I made a new graident in the colors I wanted so I got the same effect just the long way around. Thanks Corey.

  • Augie says:

    Question…at the end of the tut, you modified the solid color of the rectangle to a blue gradient by changing the blend mode to overlay…i followed the steps and the result that I get is not a gradient rather a lighter blue solid color…can anyone shed some light as to what I could be doing wrong?


    P.S Besides my little issue great tut!

  • frank kal says:

    A little off-topic: How did you capture or recreate the cpu screen to create this video? Thanks.

  • Jensy Pillytyh says:

    uhhhhhhh! NO! It didn’t help me at all! Sorry!

  • clark says:

    Nice tutorial, but it always baffles me when the graphing tool isn’t actually used when creating graphs! The exact same 3D effects can be applied to graphs (fever lines, pie, bar, etc.) after being created with the graphing tool.
    Can you show how to create the same type of bar chart with the graphing tool using actual data? — and then apply the 3D effects?

  • Brandon says:

    Very nicely done. Thanks for the tut.

  • apstrac2winner says:

    i love your ideas

  • Phil Dubuc says:

    Great Tutorial. Very helpful and explained clearly.
    For making online charts you can also try the National Center for Education website or Graph They’re both very useful.

  • Raju says:

    Graph is a useful tool. I want to learn the actual using of graph

  • Nice gradient trick!
    Anyway, I tried the 3D reflection bit but I used Text instead. When I lowered the opacity of the bottom copy the “insides” are showing through. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Justin says:

    I used many eyes by IBM to get started with the graph visualisations and then hone it in IA>

  • soru says:

    nice one! great!! gradient only take effect by using RGB!!

    thank you

  • Christian says:

    Nice tutorial. Very useful, but I have to say that ad is VERY intrusive. I wanted to catch what you said a few seconds back, so I clicked on the time bar, and got sent to the ad AGAIN for the third time. Is it set to play 30 seconds of ad for every 40 seconds of tutorial?