Master Colors announces the Immediate Release of The HVC Color Composer plug-in for Photoshop Windows and Macintosh platforms at a new lower price.

The HVC Color Composer ($129.95 Professional, $49.95 Standard) is the inexpensive digital color solution that starts with perfect color design and ends with perfect color output.

“I was able to save my company about $250,000 last year with the HVC
Color Composer Professional. If most of our clients were using it, the savings would be in the millions. This utility brings professional quality color to the fingertips of the design world,” said Casey George, Digital Prepress Mgr., Great Western Litho, CA. “This is the must-have plug-in for Photoshop and InDesign.”

Master Colors’ amazing color quantification technology is the basis for
the only software of its kind in the world. Starting with Master Colors’ unique HVC Color Space, the HVC Color Composer instantly determines the contrast distances between colors and organizes Smart Palettes so that your color choices can easily applied to your artwork.

Master Colors also offers a free online Color Seminar, titled “Nirvana: 6 Lessons To Color Enlightenment,” which teaches artists how to build powerful, professional quality color compositions rapidly, whether it’s a five or six color composition for a graphic design or a more complicated composition involving hundreds or even thousands of colors.

The Master Colors’ Lesson Plan provides seven numerical progressions,
each with a distinctly different harmonic mood, and which automatically
provide a solid proportional structure to any work of art. For example, Master Colors’ First Progression is a range of precise HVC (hue, value, chroma) contrasts, ranging from soft, middle to strong contrasts (First Progression: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 and 80 contrast steps).

Master Colors’ Sixth Progression allows artists to explore the classical Golden Ratio for organizing their color compositions, and for the first time, they can see for themselves what this classical progression actually looks like in color. (It is quite beautiful.)

Because Master Colors’ proprietary HVC Color Space is a pigment-based model like CMYK, an ink-based model, the transformation process is smooth and accurate, and avoids the ugly anomalies that plague both artists and prepress professionals at the end of almost every job. When the artists chooses colors from Master Colors HVC-based Smart Palettes, those choices are automatically compatible with the printers CMYK space, thereby eliminating the output problems at the end of the job.

“The program is an incredibly advanced color picker that offers the user a rich environment in which to create custom palettes that can be applied to virtually any use. The palettes that are generated are very unique, vibrant, interesting arrays of color that you would not be able to find using any other methods. This is certainly a product that serious digital publishers will want to have,” states the Kleper Report, May/June 2005.

Master Colors offers artists the only known objective method of color composition, with an approach that can be clearly explained. This knowledge actually enhances the subjective, intuitive aspects of the artistic process. Why? Because whatever the personal and intuitive feelings the artist has, the HVC Color Composer provides an underlying orderliness that make the subjective choices of artists shine, not unlike the way music works. Master Colors has organized the science of color harmonics in such a way that it can easily be easily understood and used by any artist or prepress professional.

HVC Color Composer Professional Edition features:
– An enhancement to Photoshop’s Color Picker. Has all the features of
the Photoshop and InDesign color picker, plus all the advantages of the HVC Color Composer.
-Navigate through the HVC space, in addition to all of the other color spaces standard in Photoshop. Make selections with the intuitive ease of HVC, then use the color any way you would in Photoshop.
– View the HVC color space by either of the Hue, Value, or Chroma axis.
-Generate dynamic palettes with precise control over palette parameters. Then, either pick colors directly from palettes, or export to a Photoshop palette file, which can be opened in the Swatches window of Photoshop.
-Other significant feature enhancements to the Color Picker, such as a contrast measuring utility, split vertical slider, quick swatches for easy color storage, and more.
-Utility allowing you to precisely quantify contrast.
-Precise control over palette creation, with a variety of modes, including Auto Range, Range, and Proportion.

System Requirements:
Macintosh OS X 10.4 or higher, Adobe® PhotoShop® 7, CS, CS2 and
Photoshop Elements 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, Adobe InDesign CS and CS2
Windows® 2000/XP Home and Professional Editions  Adobe PhotoShop®  CS, and  CS2