Tom Green talks about new tools in Adobe Edge. In this video he shows how to use the new Web Fonts feature.

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  1. tfbkny (Reply) on Friday October 5, 2012

    Thanks for the informative video Tom… one question though… why wouldn’t I want to use Google webfonts instead? They are free, look great and work with no need of any workaround… plus the online UI to choose font is so easy and efficient ;)


  2. Tom Gren (Reply) on Friday October 5, 2012

    I have done Typekit and Google fonts so I won’t get into those.Still, there might just be a font on the Edge Webfonts that works with your project and discovering Animate and Webfonts don’t play nice is a drag.

    Webfonts were introduced last month and, it turns out, Animate can’t use this service … just yet. Seing as how this service includes Typekit, GoogleFonts and Open Source fonts there are going to be the inevitable :”How do I get this to work in Animate?” questions raised. Think of this tute as a “PSA” until Adobe figures out how to get Webfonts and Animate to play nice with each other.

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