In this tutorial, Jeff Witchel demonstrates multiple solutions to the age-old problem of interlocking rings and layer order.

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  1. thierry (Reply) on Friday January 4, 2013

    Thank you so much for these tricks.
    I recently spent a nice amount of time trying to figure out how I could do that. Cutting parts (solution #2) has been my solution, as I had to add a blank space around the objects (please see my site if you want. A “Z” add to interlock with a “O”.)
    I gonna play with that “live paint” solution. It looks cool, fun, and opens new territories :)

    Thanks again!

    • Jeff Witchel (Reply) on Friday January 4, 2013

      Hi thierry,

      Glad you liked it.

      All of the solutions work, but depending on the situation, the best solution may be different.

      All my best,


  2. Jeramiah (Reply) on Friday January 4, 2013

    Hey thanks for this. For the first three I was like, yeah, yeah, yeah, then on the live paint one i was mind blown. Never used this feature and will in the future im sure. Cheers.

    • Jeff Witchel (Reply) on Friday January 4, 2013

      Hi Jeramiah,
      Yep! Live Paint is in a class by itself for creating interlocking rings. It’s simple and far more flexible than any other method I’ve stumbled across.
      All my best,

  3. Amitoj Gautam (Reply) on Friday January 4, 2013

    Very useful. I had been banging my head since weeks. Thanks.

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