Glidetrack HD Hybrid Slider

Slider System for Digital SLR Video Shooters

Shots of static objects or people quickly become boring, which is why professional video shooters use dollies and sliders. The motion produced by slowly sliding a camera along a rail adds visual interest. For medium-sized camcorders and video-capable digital SLRs, a Scottish company has developed the Glidetrack HD Hybrid Slider.

The Glidetrack HD Hybrid is a system made up of a sturdy, anodized-aluminum rail with 1/4″ and 3/8″ drillings in three places; a carriage running on a special composite plastic bearings and rollers combination fitted with a 3/8″ stud and friction bolt; and four adjustable dumbbell-type extension feet.

The Glidetrack HD Hybrid uses the latest-generation Igus slider system with additional components targeted at increasing efficiency and comfort. Unique about the Glidetrack is that you can easily disassemble the carriage to remove dirt and dust, and you can also swap shorter rails for longer ones.

With a very lightweight camcorder, the Glidetrack's mixed bearings and roller system is so light, a smooth dolly is a matter of subtle muscle control, but with a heavy, 9-13-lb camera—the Glidetrack's target range—carriage motion requires no effort at all. It's also virtually noise-free.

In addition to its smooth operation, the Glidetrack HD Hybrid especially appeals because of its many usage scenarios. Video shooters can dolly very close to, or at, 4″ from ground level or with the Glidetrack mounted on one or two tripods. Thanks to the rubberized dumbbell feet, the Glidetrack can also be used on uneven or sloping surfaces, hanging vertically, and even upside down.

Company: Glidetrack (Scotland) Limited
Price: £360 (additional fee for longer tracks)
Rating: 5
Hot: Smooth dollying; modular system