Corey Barker is a Photoshop instructor and graphic designer who maintains a blog at Visit his site for more tutorials and tips.

This tutorial shows a fun text effect that builds upon some previous techniques that have been posted by Corey on the Planet site.

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  1. David Ehlert (Reply) on Thursday November 10, 2011

    Thanks Corey,
    That was a succinct and helpful tutorial. Diggin’ on the particle effect technique. Nice use of the dissolve + free transform/warp tool.

  2. Gustavo (Reply) on Thursday November 10, 2011

    video off the air, please be possible replacement of the video.

    Thank you.

    Your site is awesome.

    Brazilian hug from a friend

    • Aaron Westgate (Reply) on Thursday November 10, 2011

      This video link has been fixed.

      Aaron Westgate
      Web Editor –

  3. skoville (Reply) on Thursday November 10, 2011

    What a great, quick way to add some particles! Thanks, Corey.

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