Dave Cross demonstrates how to use Adobe Photoshop’s variables and data set options to replace text and graphics and quickly produce multiple versions of a template.

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  1. i luv it (Reply) on Friday December 5, 2008

    pretty cool tine saving tut

  2. TonyFalcon (Reply) on Friday December 5, 2008

    Pretty cool time saving tutorial :)

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  4. Brett Nimphius (Reply) on Friday December 5, 2008

    When you went through them the sample photo on the bottom right was incorrect meaning it did not match the large photo on the left why?

  5. Hedfonjack (Reply) on Friday December 5, 2008

    Help! I followed your instructions, and it keeps telling me that the replacement file was not found. My targets are correct. What do I do?

    • Angie (Reply) on Friday December 5, 2008

      Did you ever get a response to your question about Photoshop not being able to find the replacement file even though your targets are correct? I’m having the same issue and I’m going out of my mind!!! I’ve even done this before and had no issues!

  6. Pedro Diaz (Reply) on Friday December 5, 2008

    excelent tutorial! thank you man!

  7. Claude (Reply) on Friday December 5, 2008

    Excellent! You solved a major headache. Good tutorial. Thanks!

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  9. Lara@ (Reply) on Friday December 5, 2008

    Wow cool post! Amazing tutorial man. It?s insane just how many spectacular tutorials you guys publish. Really enjoy your work. Say thanks!

  10. Mohan (Reply) on Friday December 5, 2008

    I created a mailer for my company. I made a variable to generate over 60 Images with ‘ Dear xyz’ at the start . I want to add ‘,’ after it. Is there a way to that ?

    By the way awesome tutorial.

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