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The new Refine Edge tools in Photoshop CS5 will assist users in making difficult selections, like selecting the hair of a subject.

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  1. alex (Reply) on Friday April 23, 2010

    a great improvement indeed, always had difficulties with those selections. I wonder if it works with trees as well.

  2. Bertrand (Reply) on Friday April 23, 2010

    Amazing !!! I just did it with your lesson it’s great ! Thank you so much, it’s a great video tutorial

  3. Aliea (Reply) on Friday April 23, 2010

    AHHHH! Thank you so much! I can not even begin to tell you how happy this makes me, and how much easier it will make my day!

  4. Steven Buri (Reply) on Friday April 23, 2010

    Hey RC!

    Just wanted to let you know I really appreciate you spending the time to make and post tutorials we can learn from freely. I know I will be looking in here often to find new tips and tricks!

    With Regards,

  5. Erez (Reply) on Friday April 23, 2010

    this is great.
    makes things much easier

  6. ritesh (Reply) on Friday April 23, 2010

    use the of of photoshop file in flash and flash file to drmevarver

  7. john (Reply) on Friday April 23, 2010

    yeah this refine edge is good when the image is in a white or lighter background, but when you try to create a mask out of an image with merging colors with the hair, still its not that good,you still need to clean it up to have a good mask, but anyway nice improvement on the refine edge tool in CS5

  8. The Designary (Reply) on Friday April 23, 2010

    Wow. Not sure if the same power was available in CS4, but that makes things a lot easier for tough selections. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Itzick (Reply) on Friday April 23, 2010

    No doubt that refine edge is a great tool, but even with it I get very often blemishes on the hair that I am not able to remove do you have a clue how to remove those blemishes?

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