Dreamweaver CS5: Live View and Live Code

View and interact with live sites inside of Dreamweaver.

Photoshop CS5: Refine Edge

The new Refine Edge tools in Photoshop CS5 will assist users in making difficult selections, like selecting the hair of a subject.

Dreamweaver CS5: CSS Inspect

CSS Inspect and CSS enable/disable are two new features in Dreamweaver CS5 that will assist designers organize their style sheets.

Adobe InDesign CS5 Review

Adobe InDesign CS5 represents a major step forward in usability and adds substantial new features for creating and exporting interactive documents and eBooks.

Photoshop CS5: Adobe Camera Raw

The new camera raw allows users to easily correct and de-noise images. RC also demonstrates the new lens profile corrections.

Flash Catalyst CS5 Review

Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 is a new Flash development tool for creating interactive applications. Geared toward designers, Flash Catalyst allows designers to turn static Illustrator, Photoshop, and Fireworks files into interactive applications without writing code.

Dreamweaver CS5: Site Setup

There are some new processes for setting up a site in Dreamweaver CS5.

After Effects CS5: Mocha Version 2

After Effects CS5 includes the newest version of Mocha, which helps editors by isolating and tracking shapes throughout a clip.

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