Layer Basics with Photoshop Extended Video

Dave Cross reminds Photoshop Extended users that they can still use some of the basic layer functions to make adjustments to their video projects.

Design Makeover: S Virginia Higher Ed Center

Client: Southern Virginia Higher Education Center

Trapcode Particular 2

Regarding Red Giant Software’s Trapcode Particular 2.0, I could basically end the review with an emphasis on the 2 (meaning 2 is better than 1) but I’d really get in trouble with the layout team.

Python blur by booq

The Python blur by booq is a photo backpack designed to carry all of your digital camera gear plus up to a 17 inch laptop with accessories.

Design a Price Tag in Photoshop

Design a price tag that can be used in print and web advertisements.

Four Indesign CS5 Tips

RC Concepcion goes over 4 invaluable tips for document dimensions, placing images, and resizing frames automatically in Indesign CS5.

Phantasm CS Publisher

When working in Illustrator, have you ever thought that it would be nice to have Photoshop-type color adjustments? How about adding a few Acrobat prepress features? Well then, Phantasm CS is the plug-in for you.

Desuade Partigen 2

Partigen 2 ships with more than a hundred presets (fire, water, explosions, bubbles, etc.), which you can modify as it suits your needs.

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