Animation in Premiere

Practice adding animation to a video clip, adjusting position and scale, and do some experimenting with blend modes.

Re-Create a Logo in Illustrator Based on a Photo

In this tutorial, we’ll take you through one example of how you can re-create a logo in Illustrator based on a photo.

Using Adobe Bridge to Create a Mosaic

In this example, we’ll use Bridge to create both a filmstrip of images and a mosaic.

Creative Use of Blur in Digital Photography

Sharpness is an important element in any photograph, but a creative use of blur can also work to enhance an image.

Create Photo Albums for Print with InDesign

Learn how to create a Photo Album using InDesign inthis tutorial with Terry Whit, inspired by wedding photographer…

Animate Paint in After Effects

Franklin McMahon experiments with the paint tool in After Effects and demonstrates how to paint on top of a video using overlay with a color mode.

Digital Canvas: January/February 2010

Would you like to gain exposure by having your work featured in an international design magazine?? Of course you would!

Textured Text Effects in Photoshop

Follow along with Corey as he creates text that appears to be made from this worn texture by using displacement maps, filters, and layer styles.

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