Plug-In Slices PSDs into Individual PNG Assets

You've been working in Photoshop and just finished designing a knockout interface for a website and its companion app. Now you're faced with the daunting task of slicing and exporting layers into PNG files for the final product. PNG Express is about to make your life easier.

PNG Express is a powerful plug-in that allows you to add tags to the names of groups and layers and, with the click of a button, exports them into PNG files. Let's say you design a series of buttons with multiple states. By creating a group containing each button's layers and adding the prefix "PNG:" to the group's name, you're telling PNG Express which layers to export. By adding the prefix "STATE:_on" or "STATE:_off" to the label of the corresponding layers in a group, PNG Express will export and name resulting files based on the state. For example, a group named "PNG:map" containing layers labeled STATE:_on and STATE:_off will result in the following files be exported: map_on.png and map_off.png. Adding the suffix "-m" to a layer or group's name will merge the layer with other visible layers. This is particularly helpful if you have layers containing blends that interact with other layers. Another great feature is the ability to specify the exact dimensions of the asset to be exported, rather than being restricted to PNG Express' determination.

I found PNG Express to be a stable product that significantly reduces development time. The documentation and example files make it easy to learn the program. PNG Express is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS5 or newer for both Mac and Windows.

Company: Rune Lund-Hermansen
Price: $29 (single user); $129 (unlimited business)
Rating: 5
Hot:  Saves time