RC Concepcion goes over 4 invaluable tips for document dimensions, placing images, and resizing frames automatically in Indesign CS5.

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  2. A Mac user (Reply) on Friday August 13, 2010

    What’s the deal with the videos? None of the tutorial videos on layersmagazine seem to play on Mac. Tried Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Others have reported similar issues.

    • another mac user (Reply) on Friday August 13, 2010

      I’m on a Mac, and the videos work fine for me in Firefox.

  3. Eugene (Reply) on Friday August 13, 2010

    When you’re placing an image you can cycle through them, but sometimes images are similar and you’re not sure which one is which, you can go to the Links Panel (Window>Links) and the images are shown in the Links Panel, the one with LP written beside it is the image that is currently Loaded in the Placeholder.

    As you cycle through your images using the Left and Right arrow you can see the file name in the links panel.

    Did you forget to include an image, perhaps the images were in a random other? You can CTRL click (CMD click on Mac) to select files not beside each other.

    You need to add another image, no problem go to File>Place and select another image and that is loaded. You put the wrong image in there, no problem – hit ESC to remove an image from the placeholder.

    The AutoFit is ok – but remember to turn it off when you’ve finished transforming.

    A quicker way to do this is to select the images and then press CTRL SHIFT (CMD SHIFT on Mac) and then while still holding those keys resize your images.

  4. Sachin Ghodke (Reply) on Friday August 13, 2010

    The last one helped, and i kept on wondering where did my shift+ctrl+alt+click+drag went! Aaaah! they just made it into the Auto Fix check box.

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  7. Mary Gordon (Reply) on Friday August 13, 2010

    I just wrote in about an Illustrator tutorial not working and now the InDesign ones aren’t either. I tried it on Firefox first and then Internet Explorer on pc. When that didn’t work I tried it just now on Safari. The only thing I get on all 3 is the ad in the beginning.

    Please help!!


  8. Sibraa (Reply) on Friday August 13, 2010

    Hey RC wondering if the following is possible. . .
    I have a diary that was designed especially to set and achieve your goals with an emphasis on visualizing and manifesting. I want it to be an app for smart phones and from your traditional this would be easy but i also want customers to add to it. . . fill in their diary pages, goals etc. add images on their vision pages etc. . . is this possible?
    Its call My Success Diary.
    Thank you in advance and love your tutorials.



  9. Cyn (Reply) on Friday August 13, 2010

    Great tips for someone like me who isn’t InDesign expert (yet!). Huge thanks!

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