Using the Threshold command in Adobe Photoshop can create a neat one-color effect.

Photographer Chris Alvanas explains depth of field and demonstrates a technique for creating depth of field in Photoshop using the Lens Blur filter.

Learn important photography tips like the rule of thirds, depth of field, moving camera position, and others to help you in composing an engaging photograph.

What if I were to tell you that Camera RAW could evolve from a global environment to a selective one, would you call me nuts? Maybe, maybe not! Using “smart objects” is the key.

Digital photographer Rick Sammon shares some tips on balancing the right amount of light and shadow in order to “make” a picture rather than “take” a picture.

Think locally, not globally. Learn how to selectively blur the background of an image while keeping the subject in focus by using a layer mask.

There’s an entire universe of typefaces available for your design and typographical needs, but some projects call for a letterform that’s a bit more customized than the fonts in your typographic tool kit.

Sometimes getting the color balance right on digital shots is difficult. Here are some techniques for using Photoshop to improve the color of your photographs.

One of the most common errors made by video pros and amateurs alike is an over-reliance on their computer monitors.

Here’s a way to design labels that you can then quickly modify for related products. Photoshop’s Smart Objects, align-and-distribute options, and layer groups make it easy to repeat your label design to fit the label stock.

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