In this tutorial, RC goes through the process of slicing and linking multiple pages for a web comp using Fireworks CS4.

Fireworks CS4 allows you to create a website comp that spans multiple pages. In this tutorial, RC takes you through the steps of creating a Master Page and adding additional pages to the PNG file

RC uses libraries in Fireworks CS4 to quickly add form elements to a column in a page.

RC works with Styles and the aligning of text boxes in Fireworks CS4. Aligning boxes with great precision and speed is reason enough to move all of your prototyping to Fireworks!

RC goes over the merging of graphic and paths, grouping of multiple layers, locking layers, and masking in Fireworks CS4.

RC goes over the new features when importing Illlustrator and Photoshop files in Fireworks CS4.

RC talks about some of changes with regards to text in Fireworks CS4. RC goes over a couple of options to mimic re-flow text around a picture.

RC talks about how to use the Align and Combine Paths option to create shapes, as well as the new Real Time Gradient options in Fireworks CS4.

RC talks about the new Fireworks CS4 Interface and creating/adjusting shapes in the Canvas of a document using the new Smart Guides feature of Fireworks CS4

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