You can use Acrobat 9 to adjust the content and characteristics of a print-oriented PDF to repurpose it for just such a use.

Introduction to Acrobat's Commenting Tools

Save your red ink and the paper printouts. Acrobat’s commenting tools give you all kinds of options for editing text in PDF format, as well as the ability to share the edited document with other users online.

Rearrange and organize your bookmarks, as well as force the bookmarks panel open when someone opens the PDF.

In this tutorial, Geoff Blake gets started using bookmarks in Adobe Acrobat.

You can also save graphic images—and in particular, commercial print-bound graphics—as PDF images.

In this tutorial, he breaks down how he used Acrobat Pro tools, like combo box, to create the form.

Let’s learn the right way to build a form in InDesign (with a cameo appearance of Acrobat to make it fillable).

PDF forms can be edited easily in Acrobat 8, including adding eight types of custom form fields.

This tutorial will show you how to start off with an existing PDF form, convert it to an Acrobat form so it can be filled out with Acrobat or Adobe Reader, and distribute it via the new service.

Among the many new improvements in Acrobat 9 are a couple of not-so-obvious but very powerful previewing and color conversion tools.

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