Corey opens up Adobe Illustrator and uses selections and masks to stylize the borders of an image.

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  1. jim hines (Reply) on Friday October 23, 2009

    Very cool! Thanks! Your tuts are always good.
    To the point, well concieved, respectful of your audiences time and always very useful. Currently you’re the guy who’s taught me the most about Illustrator CS4.

    I’ll fiddle about but in case I don’t discover the solution on my own – If I want to bring this into AE and animate it ….. How would I do that?

  2. jim hines (Reply) on Friday October 23, 2009

    Here is my solution – and I promise to fiddle about prior to posting a question in the future -I’m saving a document each time I make a change – Curious if anyone has a more elegant solution.

  3. Michelle Seyer (Reply) on Friday October 23, 2009

    Corey, this is great! However, when the tutorial in the initial small screen, it’s perfectly clear. Then when I put it on full screen, it gets fuzzy. Very hard to follow. This is true of the other tutorials I’ve done in this Layers Mag site. I know I’m missing stuff. Is there a way to clear it up?

  4. anexis (Reply) on Friday October 23, 2009

    amazing! so simple and sooo cool!!!

  5. TimR (Reply) on Friday October 23, 2009

    Great tutorial. Right after following along and messing around with it, I went out to the mailbox, and there was a small Oakley catalog that looks like it used this technique on the cover. I’m going to use it on my next photo book. Thanks!

  6. cupcake (Reply) on Friday October 23, 2009

    this tutorial is amazing and it inspired me a lot thank you so much:)

  7. thanya (Reply) on Friday October 23, 2009

    hi.. I cann’t see anything on this tutorials ( Border Effets in Adobe IIIustrator.

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