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Setting Up a Table of Contents Automatically in InDesign

Tables of Contents aren’t just for for books. They’re used in magazines, catalogs, manuals, long brochures and more. In this tutorial, Jeff will going through the ins and outs of setting up a Table of Contents from scratch including lots of tips and little-known secrets.

Using the Amazing New Editing Features in Acrobat DC

I lost count of how many times I’ve been asked by clients “Can’t you just edit the PDF?” With Acrobat DC, I can be confident is answering “Absolutely!” In this tutorial, I with go through the process of editing text and even images in PDFs. I will also take a look at extracting text in Acrobat out of a scanned layout.

A Look Inside Pattern Brush Borders in Adobe Illustrator CC

In this tutorial, Jeff will be taking a look at creating custom Pattern Brush Borders in Illustrator CC. He will also be discussing the amazingly useful Pattern Brush Libraries that come with the application.

Using the New Highlight Paragraph Feature in InDesign CC 2015

For years, InDesign users have be asking for a way to highlight a selected paragraph with a color background. In CC 2015, their wish will be answered. In this tutorial, Jeff will go through the options of this long-awaited feature.

Creating Graphic Styles in Illustrator to Accomplish the Impossible

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “It’s Impossible to Do that in Illustrator” from long-time users and novices alike. In this tutorial, I will be taking a look at using Graphic Styles to help solve some of these impossible problems in seconds, beginning with how to add a gradient fill to editable type.

Using the Power of the Book Feature in InDesign

In this tutorial, I will be discussing the Book feature in InDesign, everything from the basics of setting up a new Book to unusual ways to use to use this powerful feature to solve problems in documents that are NOT books.

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