Adobe Creative Cloud – New Features

NAPP’s own RC Concepcion goes through some great new features in Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud. Plus, Adobe is offering a free year of Creative Cloud to anyone purchasing a full conference pass to PhotoshopWorld. Watch all 8 Videos in this playlist !!

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  1. Art (Reply) on Wednesday July 24, 2013

    Creative Cloud’s mandatory subscription-only model is a deal-breaker. Anyone who allows Adobe to hold files for ransom in perpetuity is hurting our industry and hurting themselves.

    Stick with Creative Suite 6 and boycott Creative Cloud until they offer perpetual licenses again – and if they don’t – then let them go out of business. Other developers now have an opportunity to break their monopoly.

    Please read, sign and forward this petition to everyone you know that is involved in using or buying Adobe software:

    I feel sorry for instructional websites such as layers – they have to pretend CC is okay, but they really know it isn’t. They can’t write about what a travesty this is. But somehow they must help spread the word to those who are being fooled by a low introductory rate and not being informed that when you end your subscription, you lose your software and access to your files.

    Also, I miss the news stand edition of Layers Magazine and miss it’s old title. ;)

  2. Art (Reply) on Wednesday July 24, 2013

    I guess only comments praising Creative Cloud are allowed, which explains why there are zero comments thus far and why my previous comment was censored.

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