YouSendIt Plug-in Sends Files Directly From Photoshop

YouSendIt, Inc., the software-as-a-service (SaaS) leader in digital content delivery on the Web, announced today that it has expanded its service offerings by releasing a plug-in for Adobe’s Photoshop that allows designers to quickly and seamlessly send files of any size directly from Photoshop.

The YouSendIt Photoshop plug-in, now available for Photoshop CS2 and CS3 for Windows, makes it easy for creative professionals to send large files directly from the Photoshop workflow. YouSendIt’s plug-in eliminates the need for designers to struggle with FTP transfers, burn a CD to mail via overnight courier or encounter e-mail bounce-backs from attachments that are larger than recipient networks allow. Most importantly, files delivered through YouSendIt are secure and can be tracked with assured delivery and a delivery receipt. The sender will now know exactly when files have been received.

“In working closely with Photoshop users, we see and understand that one of the frustrations many graphics professionals have is sending large graphic files,” said Larry Becker, executive director of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). “YouSendIt helps Photoshop users simplify the process of sending and receiving files of all sizes even more than expected by using plug-in technology to make the solution a part of Photoshop itself.”

“The YouSendIt Photoshop plug-in is our contribution to the growing number of creative professionals who have integrated YouSendIt into their workflows to make sending files of any size a seamless process,” said YouSendIt founder, Ranjith Kumaran. “This is just one example of a bigger framework we are building for all creative environments.”

By extending the benefits of the Photoshop platform, YouSendIt recognizes Adobe’s global leadership in graphics applications. The Photoshop plug-in, which can be conveniently downloaded directly from the YouSendIt Web site, is the latest module released for YouSendIt business subscribers to speed their delivery of large files. Earlier this year, YouSendIt released a direct-delivery plug-in for Apple® ApertureTM, the all-in-one post production tool for photographers developed by Apple Computer. YouSendIt also offers beta versions of plug-ins that make it possible to send files directly from Microsoft Outlook and CorelDRAW.

About YouSendIt

Based in Mountain View, CA, YouSendIt is the trusted leader in sending, receiving, and tracking large files of any type over the Internet. Its proprietary technology requires no software installation and is conveniently available at anytime, anywhere in the world. With more than four million registered users from 220 countries, YouSendIt transfers over 30,000 GB per day and 500 million files to date. For more information and to send digital content the smarter way, please visit