Wacom Acquires TouchKO To Expand Human Interface Solutions

Vancouver, WA – Wacom® Company Ltd., the leading manufacturer of digital pen input devices, recently announced its acquisition of Touchscreen Konnection Oasis, Inc. (TouchKO), an Austin, Texas based company specializing in touch input. The acquisition expands Wacom’s human interface technology portfolio and is intended to accelerate the growth and product offerings of its components business.
By integrating its patented Penabled® electro-magnetic resonance technology with TouchKO’s touch sensor capabilities, Wacom is well positioned to deliver intuitive dual input options to such computing devices as Tablet PCs, mobile phones, PDAs, displays and info-appliances. In addition, Microsoft Windows Vista™’s support of pen and touch functionality at the operating-system level will allow Wacom to work with hardware manufacturers and software developers to create new and original natural input options that deliver a fast, easy and efficient computing experience.

The acquisition will have little impact on the consolidated business forecast for Wacom’s current fiscal year, ending in March, 2008.

“Wacom’s acquisition of TouchKO further enhances our technology base and provides new opportunities to develop natural and intuitive input solutions,” said Masahiko Yamada, President of Wacom Company, Ltd. “From miniature device screens to large displays, Wacom’s pen and touch capabilities will help hardware and software companies forge new products that are ergonomically sound, efficient and easy to use.”

About TouchKO

TouchKO, in business since 1996, joins the Wacom family with a wealth of expertise in the design and manufacture of capacitive coupling method and resistive membrane method sensor technology. The company has been folded into Wacom’s Components Division and will continue operations in Austin, Texas.

About Wacom and Penabled Technology

Founded in 1983, Wacom is the world’s leading manufacturer of pen tablets and interactive pen displays with customers worldwide using its cordless, battery-free, pressure-sensitive
pen technology for digital content creation. Wacom’s patented Penabled technology is also offered as an OEM solution to manufacturers of PC and Macintosh computers. Many of today’s Tablet PCs count on the advanced features and reliability of Wacom’s input technology. Additionally, Wacom’s pen and touch technology is playing a leading role in the development of such mobile devices as smart phones and PDAs. Wacom is committed to expanding the Penabled brand and will continue to roll out new input technologies that provide a natural and intuitive computing experience.