Photoshop Plug-in for Photographic Effects

Just as in a playhouse that changed its footlights from tungsten to LED to reduce heat and create beautiful environments, digital photos offer richer, clearer, and more dynamic overall image quality; however, the control over each facet of the subject's lighting, color, and clarity also needs to improve. It can make the difference between another nice landscape, skyline, or portrait and one that can hang on a museum wall.

ReStyle from Topaz Labs makes its debut to fill that need and set the scene for creating photos with compelling richness and quality. From the familiar interface that Topaz fans know, ReStyle does what its name suggests: It allows the user to introduce seemingly limitless combinations of tones and visual styles. Between the creatively named presets and its ability to mask/select specific photo elements, ReStyle performs well from just the presets, or it can really dig into the role with blended, customized variations that look the part. In other words, you can reproduce what your mind's eye saw when you shot the initial photo.

From dynamic-lighting effects to delicate tonal tweaking with each well-labeled slider, this plug-in takes you from its first act to the finale, leaving you wanting more. Download the free trial version and see how many moving images you can create, but be warned: You may lose yourself in the role as you see what you can do with your own images. This is especially true when you "remaster" both newer and older images. Without question, this ReStyle gets a standing ovation at the curtain call.

Company: Topaz Labs, LLC
Price: $59.99
Rating: 5
Hot: Output quality; user-created preset options; graphics tablet support