Tiger's Core Image effects for Adobe InDesign

(macNN) RogueSheep today released Magma Effects 1.0, a plug-in for Adobe InDesign® CS and CS2 on Tiger. Magma Effects makes available the rich functionality of Apple’s Core Image technology directly within the InDesign application. Users can apply a variety of image-enhancement and stylizing effects to any bitmap image placed in Adobe InDesign. Users can make simple adjustments such as modifying the brightness or contrast of a photo or composite two images together using one of several blend operations. It offers access over 100 image filters that ship with Mac OS X Tiger. In addition, users can also save time by storing filter effects in a preset for later use.

RogueSheep Magma Effects 1.0 is now available for $50 and requires Adobe InDesign CS/CS2 and Mac OS X 10.4.1 or newer.