Tiffen Steadicam CURVE for GoPro

Compact, Handheld Camera Stabilizer

The Steadicam CURVE for GoPro is designed specifically for one-handed, GoPro camera shoots. Weighing in at just half a pound, the CURVE is the perfect companion for those looking to get Steadicam's stabilization technology in a compact package.

The frame, made from lightweight durable aluminum, includes a standard GoPro quick-release mount. The design includes a collapsible handle for compact storage and portability, or for use as a GoPro hand grip. There's also a fine-tune adjustment knob for precise balance control, and the unit comes in four colors: black, blue, red, and silver.

The Steadicam CURVE works with all GoPro HERO cameras, but some models require the LCD BacPac or the Optional Curve Weight Kit ($12.95). Check out all available options for your particular GoPro camera on Tiffen's Steadicam CURVE Compatibility Chart ( The chart is difficult to read, and I'd prefer that they made something easier to understand.

Don't expect to get perfectly smooth footage the first time you shoot with the Steadicam CURVE. As well as fine-tuning the balance, you'll also need to get comfortable walking with bended knees and a lower center of gravity—this is true for all Steadicams.

One area of disappointment I came across was in relation to wind. Both the GoPro and the CURVE are too lightweight to handle even a moderate amount of wind. For shooting on those days, you'll need to find a way to block the majority of the wind from affecting your GoPro/CURVE setup. But even with this limitation, the Steadicam CURVE for GoPro is a great addition to your GoPro HERO camera accessory bag. [ENDMARK]

Company: The Tiffen Company
Price: $99.95
Rating: 4
Hot: Steadicam's stabilization technology in a compact size
Not: Doesn't perform well in moderate wind