Small Flash: Using Theatrical Gels for Small Flash with Bold Results

Step Four

theatrical gels small flash tutorial

Erik Valind

Let’s not stop with just the background. We’ve started flexing our creativity with color, so let’s keep it going. For this next photo, we took the light off the background and turned it onto our model. Other than the addition of some gels, this lighting approach couldn’t be simpler. We removed the Apollo Orb and added another gel to that original flash. Then we placed the two flashes at 45° on either side, facing our model.

This would normally produce a rather flat light on our model’s face, which would be boring. Only now, with the gels, this lighting setup really makes the picture come alive with the interplay between pink and blue. The lighting pattern is split, very similar to the balance between light and shadow that we use to add contrast
in classical portrait lighting.

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