The Typo King Meets His Match

Everyone knows by now that I make a lot of typos. It’s not that I can’t spell, my fingers can’t type. They trip over themselves, making klutzy mistakes like reversing letters, leaving out letters and failing to shift before capping. There’s a feature in InDesign that was made specifically for the typing challenged. This invaluable solution is called Autocorrect! To turn it on, go to the InDesign menu (Edit on PC) > Preferences > Autocorrect, and in the window that opens, simply click Enable Autocorrect to turn it on. After Autocorrect has been turned on, when I want to type “you” and my fingers trip up and flip the type into “yuo,” InDesign gracefully glides the letters back into the right order. And no one is ever the wiser.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.