Text Count 1.2 Plug-in For CS3 Released

DTP Tools announced the release of its Text Count 1.2 plug-in for InDesign and InCopy CS-CS3.
Text Count is an irreplaceable tool for text intensive workflows. It offers a broad range of copy fitting tools, overset management including overset preflight, tools for text-related accounting, and estimate features for text space planning.
Text Count plug-in offers more features for overset management, copy fitting and text content counting than any other InDesign plug-in. Over the last three years, the Text Count plug-in has found its place in the workflows of many publishing houses and translation agencies, where the users save time on text-related accounting, overset management, and copy fitting. The overset pre-flight feature has prevented many costly mistakes. And there is one more thing the users will save money on — the upgrade. As always with DTP Tools plug-ins, this upgrade is free for all current users.

New Features:
• Frames that display overset now have a user-defined position, color, and opacity.
• Text Count was integrated into the new DTP Tools system with easier activations and update management.
Key features:
• Text Count counts and estimates text elements and calculates their price. At the same time it detects overset in documents and helps users get rid of it easily.
Copy fitting tools
• Single click “Fit text to frame” changes the text attributes within a permitted range to fit text to frame. It calculates the optimal ratio of font size and tracking change with results better than any manual adjustment.
Overset tools
• Overset text can be displayed in a separate frame attached to the overset story.
• Overset preflight prevents expensive mistakes. You can use automatic preflight every time you print or export.
• From the overset frames list you can go directly to a specific overset frame.
Count features
• Counts characters (including or excluding spaces), words, lines, paragraphs, manuscript lines, and manuscript pages. Counts overset characters and words.
• When the text in the selected range is overset, you will see exact amounts of overset, too. Counts in a selection, a paragraph, a text frame, a story, a page, or in the whole document.
Estimate function
• Estimates characters and words needed to fill a text chain or frame, using defined style and document language.
• Estimates in a text chain which is either empty or has some remaining space.
Price calculation features
• Text Count can calculate price per stroke, word, manuscript line, or page. Uses user-defined currency.
• Count and estimate results are displayed real time in an application panel. The count and estimate data report can also be stored in a separate document.

Pricing and Availability
Text Count, for both InDesign and InCopy versions CS, CS2 and CS3 is available on both Windows and Macintosh OS X. A single license price is 69 USD and is available for instant purchase.
A 14-day trial version of Text Count is available for download at or at the following direct download links:

Mac trial download: 2.6 MB

Windows trial download: 4.8 MB

About DTP Tools
DTP Tools has been expanding features of InDesign since version 3.0. We’ve created many plug-ins which make design work easier and more efficient. DTP Tools plug-ins have brought answers to InDesign users’ frequent questions like “Where is the History palette in InDesign?”, “Where are cross-references in InDesign?” or “How can I group layers?”. Today’s release answers quite a few questions: “How can I make sure all the text in my document will print?”, “How can I easily edit overset text in layout view?”, “Is there a fit text to frame feature?”, “How many words and how many lines do we need to fill the empty space?”