SWF and FLV Toolbox 4


SWF & FLV Toolbox 4 is a convenient, easy-to-use video tool that makes converting interactive Adobe Flash (SWF) files to AVI simple. Additional features include the ability to convert SWF and Flash Video (FLV) files to GIF and JPEG images, convert FLV to SWF, generate screen savers from a SWF or FLV, and create an EXE from a SWF or FLV.

The Toolbox interface is well designed and the user guide is well written. I tested the convert to video output first. While there are several codecs to choose from, I left the default setting of Cinepak. I chose an interactive training piece that included narration, animation, and relied on shared SWF files. The SWF Interaction Video Capture window provides a preview of the SWF and enables you to control whether you record from the beginning of the file or from a specific spot. The file I used wasn’t processor intensive and Toolbox quickly converted it to an AVI. The quality was excellent. I also experimented with converting an FLV to a SWF, and a SWF to images.

Again, the processing speed and quality was impressive. My final test was converting a SWF to an EXE. My Flash movie contained resources such as shared libraries and externally loaded SWF files. Toolbox was unable to gather all of the resources and package them in an EXE; however, it was able to convert a self-contained SWF to an EXE.

Overall, I like Toolbox. To me, the most useful conversion tool is the utility for converting interactive SWF files to video. When courting prospective clients, the ability to quickly create video demos of interactive movies and games gives you a marketing edge. Currently, Toolbox is only available for Windows.—Cyndy Cashman

Company: Eltima Software
Price: $39.95
Rating: 4
Hot: Easy to use; quick; affordable
Not: Windows only; doesn’t support exporting linked SWF to EXE