Strata Family of Products Offers 3D[in] for Adobe Photoshop CS3

St. George, Utah, April 4, 2007 — Strata, the company adding the power of 3D to the designer’s toolset, announced today three new plug-ins for Adobe® Systems’ Photoshop® CS3 Extended software. Each of these 3D[in] plug-ins will be priced at less than $149 and will ship spring of this year. The three plug-ins add 3D model-to-photo matching, Raydiosity™ rendering, spline and subdivision surface modeling, 3D model construction from photographs, and real-time 3D output for the web and PDF documents.
“By adding 3D support in Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended, Adobe has made it possible for us to integrate our award winning 3D technology directly with the designer’s primary application.” stated Ken Bringhurst, president of Strata.
“Our applications have already been described as ‘the 3D cousin to Photoshop’ by industry publications. Now our products are more like immediate family.”
“We’re happy to see early support for 3D workflows in Photoshop CS3 Extended from valued ecosystem partners like Strata,” said Kevin Connor, senior director of product management for Professional Digital Imaging at Adobe. “Strata 3D[in] plug-ins along with Photoshop CS3 Extended means creatives can take full advantage of the power of the Photoshop image editing toolset and paint engine for editing 3D and motion based content.”
Strata Design 3D[in]
This plug-in includes three powerful tools: Match[in], Model[in] and Render[in] synchronized to Strata’s award winning Strata 3D application engine. Using Match[in] users can easily add 3D content and match the perspective in their Photoshop CS3 Extended project. For example, designers of point-of-purchase (POP) displays can integrate a rendering of their design with a photograph of an actual store interior.
Model[in] will allow users to model new objects or modify existing objects and create new objects with tools such as extrude, lathe, and subdivision surface modeling. Users can even import Adobe Illustrator™ software outlines to loft into 3D objects.
Using Render[in] users will have the ability to compose final scenes, set up sophisticated lighting using High Dynamic Range images, generate soft shadows, reflected light, refractive materials and more.
Strata Foto 3D[in]
This plug-in allows the user to generate 3D models from photographs shot from a standard digital camera. These objects include the 3D model data as well as the photo-based surface textures.
Strata Live 3D[in]
With Live 3D[in] the user will be able to create real-time interactive 3D content for web sites and PDF documents from Photoshop CS3 Extended 3D content.
“Strata hit the sweet spot for Photoshop CS3 Extended with these new plug-ins,” says Colin Smith, noted Photoshop how-to author and president of Photoshop Café. “Not only will the designer be able to work directly in Photoshop CS3, they will also be able to upgrade to the full versions of the Strata CX Suite and take their projects even further. 3D is finally going to be accessible to the mainstream designer. I can’t wait to see what they do with it.”
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About Strata
Strata is a division of Corastar Inc. Strata is located in the scenic red rock country of southern Utah. For more information see, or call 800-678-7282.