SpiderPro Memory Card Holder and Lens Pouches

SpiderPro Memory Card Holder and Lens Pouches Single Camera System Accessories

The SpiderPro Single Camera System is comprehensive camera carrying system that consists of a SpiderPro Camera Holster, Plate, Pin, and Belt. This system (sold separately, $135) serves as the basis for three accessories being reviewed: two lens pouches and a memory card organizer. [For a review of the SpiderPro Single Camera System, see Photoshop User, October 2012.—Ed.]

The base camera system has a funnel-shaped metal holster on the side of the belt that holds your camera. A metal plate with a projecting metal pin and a ballhead screws into your camera's tripod mount, and then the metal ball slides into the holster's slot. Your camera swivels upside down with lens facing back and rests securely on your hip. This arrangement allows for quick access that makes shooting much more spontaneous. A switch on the holster lets you lock the camera in the holster.

SpiderPro’s Memory Card Organizer and Medium and Large Lens Pouches loop onto the belt and help distribute the weight. The padded pouches are roomy and designed to accommodate your lens with lens hood attached, and include a water-resistant cover and a built-in tether to hold your rear lens cap. The memory card organizer folds out and down from the belt and can hold three SD cards and six CF cards.

I hiked 12 miles with my Canon EOS 5D Mark III and two lenses and the belt never slipped or rocked uncomfortably against my side. I swapped between my 70-200mm and 24-105mm Canon lenses with hoods attached with an ease I hadn't experienced before. It's the most comfortable, ergonomically efficient, and reassuringly safe solution for carrying your equipment for long hours in the field. Taking the weight off my shoulder and freeing my hands with easy access to my camera and lenses is a liberating experience.

Company: Shai Gear LLC
Price: Holder: $35; Medium Pouch: $65; Large Pouch: $75
Rating: 5
Hot: Hands-free; no strain; quick access