SpaceNavigator for Notebooks


SpaceNavigatorWell the folks over at Logitech have done it again with the SpaceNavigator for Notebooks. As a professional on the go, I’ve either had to leave my SpaceNavigator at home or lug it along with me in my laptop bag—only to have airport security look at it 10 times before they let it go through. Now Logitech has come up with a portable 3D mouse that you can take with you! The great thing is that you can use it both as a 3D navigator and a traditional mouse. It was actually a pleasure to use on planes and even in hotel rooms as it takes up very little space and I didn’t have to move it around like a typical mouse.

The SpaceNavigator sports a redesigned grip cap for easier movement through 3D environments, dual mouse buttons, a USB 2 connector, and a travel case. With its ability to be used with programs such as AutoCAD, Maya, Photoshop CS2/3, and, of course, Google Earth, the possibilities are endless with this great tool.

From flying through your hometown to working with cameras, models, and tools in your favorite 3D program, the SpaceNavigator does it all quite well; however, it’s not exactly the easiest device to get used to. But if you follow the provided instructions and tutorials, you’ll be fine with a little practice. Overall, this is a great product that will become a fixture in my laptop bag.
Bruce Bicknell

PRICE: $129
FROM: 3Dconnexion

HOT Great for 3D applications; portability
NOT Price; learning curve