Flexible soundtrack creation application

Choosing the right music is an important part of any production. The right choice can evoke a range of emotions from your viewers, while the wrong choice can sink you. Unless you’re capable of writing and creating your own music, you’re going to need to acquire it elsewhere. The most affordable way to acquire legal music for use in your productions is via buyout libraries or music creation software. There are many options for music creation software, though some can be quite cumbersome to work with. SmartSound Software’s latest release, Sonicfire Pro 4, aims to change that.

How much control you take over the soundtrack creation is up to you. You can let Sonicfire Pro 4 do all the work or you can direct the mood and flow of the soundtrack to match different scenes in your production with Mood Mapping. The new multitrack interface and multilayered music files allow you to completely customize your soundtrack by instrument section, and your soundtracks can have a defined beginning and end or they can be made loopable.

Sonicfire Pro 4 builds on what was already a wonderful soundtrack creation tool. Whether you’re producing a soundtrack for a video or digital slideshow, Sonicfire Pro 4 gives you tremendous flexibility and incredible ease of use, allowing you to create high-quality soundtracks very affordably. With thousands of music tracks available as complete libraries on CD and as individual downloads covering everything from sound effects and bumper music to rock and romance and everything in between, you’re sure to find something to fit your needs. Sonicfire Pro 4 is an indispensable tool and is a highly recommended addition to your video or digital photography production toolbox.—David Singer

PRICE $199 (Standard Edition)
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FOR Mac and Windows

HOT Remarkable, affordable soundtrack creation