Saving Custom Workspaces Makes More Sense than Ever

The workspace in InDesign is more customizable than ever in CS3. You can change the positions of panels, how panels are docked in groups and whether they’re in panel view or icon view. You can also customize menus (Edit > Menus) to limit what is shown in each, plus you can highlight various commands in a color to make them stand out. Depending on how I’m using InDesign for a particular project the workspace may look entirely different. So instead of spending a lot of time tweaking panels and menus manually, I saved custom workspaces for print design, print production, and interactive design (Window > Workspace > Save Workspace). So if I need to put on my print production hat while designing an ad, I can switch to the perfect workspace for the task as fast as Window > Workspace > “Print Production.”

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.