Inexpensive, Top-Notch Slider for DSLR Video

The Rhino Slider Carbon is a camera slider based on two exposed carbon fiber rails capable of carrying loads of up to 10 lbs. The rails are mounted on a cleverly designed pair of feet that can be placed at any angle to accommodate for uneven terrain. Nothing on this slider requires you to use any tools. You can mount, remove, and fix everything by hand.

The heart of the system is a hard-anodized aluminum carriage with six nylon rollers filled with 12 sealed ball bearings. You can buy one complete system and mount the carriage on any other Rhino Slider rail.

The Rhino Slider is sturdy U.S.-made material with a nice quality of build. The carriage has two locks that you can handle with gloves on. Two small knobs define the drag of a slide. Whatever you set this at, the slide itself is always smooth as silk without any hesitations or lockups. Optionally, you can install a pulley for vertical or remote slides, which expands your creative capabilities considerably and opens the road to motorized versions.

The Rhino Slider proved to be almost completely silent when sliding. The combination of quality and the ease with which you can clean it for the smoothest operation has seen it adopted by BBC and NBC personnel.

Rhino Camera Gear also sells a specially made bag for the slider. Due to the way the slider is fastened inside, I wouldn't recommend it for the Carbon version, but only for the solid steel Pro version.

Company: Rhino Camera Gear, LLC
Price: $475 (Carbon); $550 (Pro)
Rating: 5
Hot:  Smooth glide; quality of build; lightweight; options