Recosoft's PDF2ID v1.0 – PDF to InDesign Document Conversion Tool Ships

Recosoft Corporation, the developer of the PDF2Office® family of products, cross platform file format conversion solutions and PDF converters, has started shipping PDF2ID v1.0 for Adobe® InDesign® CS2/CS3.

PDF2ID v1.0 operates as a plug-in for InDesign® CS2/CS3, a PDF converter that yields an editable InDesign® document by recreating the intended construction and layout of the document. PDF2ID forms paragraphs, applies styles, regroups graphic elements, extracts images, creates tables and recovers annotations and other complex elements automatically; converting every PDF page to an equivalent page in the final InDesign® document.

PDF2ID is the only PDF converter available for InDesign® CS2/CS3 offering a direct, transparent and effortless process for PDF document data retrieval and reuse in an InDesign® document. PDF2ID utilizes sophisticated computing algorithms and models in delivering a highly-accurate reconstruction of a PDF document to the InDesign® document format. Furthermore, PDF2ID is based on a client-server architecture delivering optimal conversion performance on modern multi-core systems.

PDF2ID has been engineered from the ground up to provide seamless integration with Adobe® InDesign® CS2/CS3, eliminating the necessity to acquire and install additional PDF data recovery tools; resulting in enhanced workflow automation and providing huge cost savings in both time and expense.

Key Features

  • Convert PDF documents directly in Adobe InDesign CS2/CS3
    PDF2ID operates as a plug-in for Adobe InDesign, converting PDF files to the InDesign CS2/CS3 format within seconds.
  • Complex PDF file reconstruction
    PDF2ID uses sophisticated computing modeling technologies in recreating the intended construction of the PDF document, supporting complex abstractions such as text on a path, gradients, transparencies, clipping paths and mathematical transformations.
  • Advanced Conversion Controls
    PDF2ID provides complete control over the conversion process. Options for font substitution, text frame reduction, annotation management and image resolutions exist designed for fine-tuning the conversion result.
  • Multi-Platform support
    PDF2ID supports both InDesign® CS2 and CS3 for the Macintosh and Windows platforms and is certified to run under the 32-bit and 64-bit variants of the Operating Systems.
  • Multi-Language/Asian Language Support
    PDF2ID supports English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Western European-language data contained in PDF documents.

PDF2ID is available immediately worldwide from the Recosoft online store in the following configurations:

PDF2ID v1.0 for Mac OS X: US$249.00

PDF2ID v1.0 for Windows: US$249.00

Full details of PDF2ID v1.0 can be viewed at:

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