Really Right Stuff L-plate

Take your camera vertical

lplateAfter spending hundreds of dollars on a sturdy tripod and ballhead for maximum stability, we are faced with a dilemma when trying to capture a vertical composition. By tilting our ballhead 90˚ to the side, our camera is no longer resting over the center of gravity, diminishing stability and possibly introducing camera shake, resulting in a loss of sharpness. The brilliant folks at Really Right Stuff offer an outstanding solution to this dilemma: the L-plate.

The L-plate—a precision-machined, custom-fitted, L-shaped, quick-release system—allows the camera to be mounted either in the horizontal or vertical position. This is achieved without flipping the camera on its side while it’s still mounted to the tripod but rather by reattaching the quick release plate in the vertical position on the L-plate. This maintains the utmost stability by keeping the camera body directly over the center of gravity. It’s quick and easy to use and hardly changes the footprint of your camera.

The L-plate is available in custom-fitted sizes to work on most cameras, ensuring the best fit and function. I have an L-plate mounted on my landscape camera at all times, and in a matter of seconds I can switch from horizontal to vertical orientation. Plates for most models are also designed to allow access to the rubber doors on the side of the camera. The price varies based on camera make and model. For more information visit and find the L-plate designed for your camera.— Laurie Excell

PRICE: $105-195
FROM: Really Right Stuff
PHONE: 888-777-5557
FOR: Check website for camera models

HOT Quick; sturdy mount for vertical shots