PNY 32-GB Memory Card


PNY 32-GBIn the digital age, when it comes to taking pictures or recording video, we don’t want to worry about capturing and storing our images. PNY has delivered a product to help in this regard: the 32-GB Optima Secure Digital High Capacity Memory Card. This card holds about 2,100 RAW or 4,300 JPEG Fine images from a 12-megapixel camera, or about 13 hours of SD and 4 hours of HD video, allowing you (in most cases) to shoot all day without offloading or switching cards.

I shot about 8,000 RAW images and 6 hours of HD video with my Nikon D90 and Canon HF10 cameras, taking this card through about 40 offloading cycles with no errors or corruption. The best part about this card, however, is its capacity. The convenience of being able to go out to a sports shoot and fire off pictures and video the whole event without switching cards is a beautiful thing.

Though not the subjects of this review, a couple of our in-house editors tested other cards from PNY: the 16-GB Optima Pro Secure Digital High Capacity and the 8-GB Optima Pro UDMA CompactFlash Ultra High Speed cards. The editors report: “The write speed is fast, the cards are solid, and the 16-GB card holds 560 RAW files from the 14.7-megapixel Canon G10. The 8-GB card holds about 1,400 RAW images from a 6.1-megapixel Nikon D70s. The cards were error-free and transparent, meaning we didn’t think about the cards at all because they simply worked.”—Erik Kuna

Company: PNY Technologies
Price: $149.99
Rating: 4.5

Hot: Capacity and price
Not: Could be faster